About Us

The EG Tennis Group started in the Summer of 2006 as a handful of casual players looking for enough players to play doubles.. singles play was too exertive! The group linked up with the Tennis Ladder group through Elk Grove Online and began to meet fairly regularly on Saturday mornings at Miwok Park. As the group continued to grow, we started meeting at Elk Grove High School (EGHS) to make sure we had enough courts on which to play.

The skill level of our players ranges from advanced beginners to intermediate. Probably 3.0 to 4.0 on the USTA NTRP scale. We welcome anyone, at any skill level to come join us. We like to rotate partners to maximize your chance to play with a variety of players of varying skill level. Our goal is to have FUN.

We have organized social tournaments where doubles partners are selected at random, and your partner changes every set. These have shown to be very fun for all participants, regardless of your skill level.

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